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Parntership Investments

Partnership Investments

From £1,000,000+

On this level of investment, there are numerous options including some of those that have been explored in the previous section but of course on a greater scale. It differs of course as there is now more flexibility with funds.

This section can be seen as having 3 main areas of concentration which are Existing Development, New Development or Portfolio Investment.

Existing Development

This comprises of investing into current projects that are alreadyunderway.

This means that you will be an investor of a project that may already have all planning etc. approved and ready for construction. You will be given a project build time should you wish to be a part of developing and then moving on after by selling the property.

Alternatively it can be a long term investment whereby you collect your return percentage over the years should it be 5 years or even 10 years, the choice is yours. Our return forecast for this is approximately 5% – 7% per anum plus anything extra through capital growth.

New Development

This model consists of us, the company, actively searching and presenting to you new deals where there is potential for development. This development could be anything from full housing estates to apartment blocks or even commercial builds i.e. hotels.

All development and planning regulations etc. will all be managed by our experts making the operation as smooth as possible for each investor.

Upon development there will be a variety of possibilities that will be discussed at the time in order to see where and how you can reach the full potential of return on your investment.

Forecasts for this model show returns to be around 10% minimum.

Portfolio Investments

This final model is simpler in the sense that we are looking for existing portfolios.

These may be an array of properties owned by a company or individual who is looking to off sell some of its asset.

Again we will actively search for this and should the right opportunities arise, they will be recommended to you and we will act accordingly. The market for this however is more limited therefore exact figures for
return can never be confirmed as each is dependent on the individual portfolio itself.

However, it is fairly unlikely that return will be less than 8% and usually with much room to grow. This model suits long term, higher value

Property Trading Partnership

From £1,000,000+

This final strategy differs from the others as it is solely the buying and selling of property in direct
partnership with the group under our instruction. As this is our primary field of what the business was built on, our expertise in this field are outstanding.

Together we will seek the best deals that become available to us personally as a group and through partnership we will offer you to have a share. Should you wish to partake in such a venture the prospects are very exciting as we have the ability to turn around numerous of deals back to back throughout the year. Returns in this particular model are a minimum of 15% – 20% with overwhelming room to grow.

Should you have any further queries or would like to precede with any particular investment plan, please contact our local overseas agents who will guide you through the next steps. They will present all available opportunities to you, after that the decision is yours!

Please note: All of our investment plans are based on buying, selling and letting of UK property only.