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Personal Investments

Personal Investments

For small scale investment opportunities that will be advised on would be smaller properties e.g. single apartments or in some cases small houses. This can be kept and managed by ourselves for you and will receive your return annually via collection of monthly rental instalments.

There are some cases where there is an opportunity for higher return through selling the property on however; this is based upon our advice and if there is a profitable margin to be gained or not but ultimately, the decision is yours.

In most cases around this level of investment, it is usually much more beneficial to keep the property for rental use as this will generally give an annual return of approximately 5% – 8% per year. For Investors looking towards the top end of this category, buying to rent is again always the most popular as it is long term asset investment and return.

However, due to more flexibility within this range, buying and selling would be the alternativemodel as investors could see a return minimum of 8% rising to a possible 12%. Again, ultimately this decision will be left to the hands of the investor after we have advised them to the best of our ability. Please note that on any investment, when it comes to the selling of the property you will also be receiving the gains of your capital growth.